{900+ words} 72 Independence Day Speech For Teachers

72th Independence Day 2018 Speech In English For Teachers

Many times school teachers want some 72 independence day speech 2018 in English which are short and can be implemented in any of the other speech. That's why here is very small and lovely speech for teachers.

Independence Day Short Speech

On the occasion of national holiday that is indian independence day, students, peoples, kids and country peoples celebrate this day and sing national anthem songs.

72 Independence Day 2018 Speech In English For Teachers

People enjoy the patriotic songs and share wishes and quotes with each other and wish their friends and family member happy independence day.

On the occasion of national event whole day national televisions, radio broadcast national events from the New Delhi.

On this day many news channels show how our freedom fighters and real heros free our country.Where as some channel broadcast patriotic movies and songs.

Whole day we get patriotic stuff on television and we all enjoy this day.

On this day india prime minister unfurled the national flag on the Red Fort Delhi and give a speech on this day.

Flag Hosting, Culture programs, independence day parade and many other programs are organized by the country peoples for celebrate this day with great and wonderful way.

All our armed force participates in the independence day parades and show their talents and show their Desh Bhakti for the nation. On 15th August 2018, the occasion of independence day school students participates in their school programs and enjoy the day in their schools.

Peoples spends their day with their family members and friends and on this day their go to picnic and celebrate the day with their loved once.

Peoples feel freedom on this day and show their happiness in their different-different way.

Independence Day Speech 2018

Hope you like this Independence Day Speech For Teachers and will use this Independence Day Speech In Hindi for your school programs. 

72th Independence Day Speech In English

Good Morning to all my classmates, respected teachers and all guests.

Today i am going to give a short speech on independence day, hope you all listen my speech carefully.

As you all know today we are going to celebrate our 72th Independence Day.

On the occasion of independence day firstly i want to wish you all a very happy independence day 2018.

As we all know independence day is a very special day for all country peoples, this is only day when we all country peoples celebrate the occasion or festival together.

In India their are many religion peoples and they celebrate their own cultural festival but the independence day and 2 other national events are the Republic day and Gandhi Jayanti peoples celebrate together. 

Independence day is a historical day for all country peoples and this day is written in our history.

This day is special because on this day we got freedom from the British empire and rules.We got this day after lots of struggle and sacrifices of our freedom fighters.

Every year this day is falls on 15th August and this day is a national holiday for all indians.
72 Independence Day 2018 Speech In English

This day is celebrate because on this day we remember all our great leaders, freedom fighters and indians who sacrifice their life for Indian freedom. 15 August 1947 is the special and lucky day for all indians this is the day and date when we all indians got freedom from the British Clutch and British empire. After this day we all indians got our rights and rules and we can do what ever we want to do.

After some times in 26 January 1950 our constitution was came into existence.

This day was the another big and national holiday for all country peoples, when our constitution was declared then on this day the date was 26 January, so every year on 26th January we celebrate our republic day.

The independence day success was very hard and this is done after the lots of struggle, hard work, sacrifices of our great freedom fighters.

We all should thankful to all our great leaders for this beautiful day.

Think about the time when our country were follow the British rules and the Britishers are very strict and they were punished indians for a little mistakes.So now we are a independent country and feel proud to be an Indian.

As you all know the indian army soldier Mangal Pandey first raised his voice against the British Force and then the independent India voice is spered in all over the India.

Every body started thinking about a independent country.

So our great leaders start the planning for the independent India and now we all independent because of our great leaders.

So independence day is celebrated for the struggles of all our great leaders and freedom fighters.

We pay homage to all our great leader and salute them for their struggle for their motherland.

Gandhi ji was the great leader and he taught the lesson of non-violence and all country peoples follow their non-violence lesson and participates in his non-violence rally.  Gandhi ji effort and rally was successful and after this we got the independence day.

We all feel very special and proud to be an indians so celebrate this day in a wonderful way with your friends, classmates, teachers, parents and family member.

Now i am going to end my independence day speech and i hope this 15 August Speech In English and 15 August Short Speech will me helpful you all and you learn something from my speech. Thanks to all of you

 Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.    

72 Independence Day 2018 Speech In English For Teachers

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